Intuitive Energy Healing is a collection
of various alternative healing tools.


Intuitive Energy Practitioners use their gifts to work with the body’s natural energetic field. They utilize intuition and visualization and work with life force energy to locate, shift or remove imbalances in the body’s energetic system.

With the practitioner’s assistance the client is made aware of the imbalance. The client is then able to recognize and work on releasing the energy that is stuck in the body and causing them stress, pain, or anxiety. This reinforces the body’s natural ability to heal and supports overall health and well being —

Remote sessions can also be performed via phone, so you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

Intuitive Energy Healing is not affiliated with any particular religion or religious practice. It’s not based on belief or suggestion. It’s simply a form of spiritually guided by intuition and life force energy. 


Disclaimer:  Intuitive Energy Healing should not be used to replace conventional care or to postpone seeing a healthcare provider about a health problem. If you have severe or long-lasting symptoms, see your healthcare provider. You may have a health problem that needs prompt treatment.