Kick off your shoes, relax, get comfy, and stay awhile.


In Person Sessions

You’ll kick off your shoes, relax, get comfy and stay a while. .Most sessions you will be lying on your back fully clothed for the duration. If you are unable to lie on your back comfortably you may also sit in a chair. I will have blankets pillows and bolsters for your knees if needed (You will want to wear comfortable clothing to your sessions.)

Your role will be to just close your eyes and relax. It’s even ok to catch a few Zzzz’s. 

I perform a session using a light touch placement of hand positions on the body.  If  you prefer there can be no touch at all or certain areas can be avoided — for example, if you have sensitive feet let me know and they will be avoided. *Please note this is not massage.

During a session our goal is for you  to reach a deep relaxation. Experiences vary from person to person. If you are wondering what to expect some clients experience radiating heat from my hands or light tingling sensations. Others might experience seeing light spots or vibrant colors. You might also experience subtle waves of emotion. You might also feel nothing at all. Remember whatever you experience you will be safe.  There is no judgment. Only Healing.

After our session comes to a close we will wrap up with any comments or questions you might have.

Upon leaving I would ask you to be gentle with yourself and allow time for the energy to shift and settle. Avoid any unnecessary stressors. Take it easy and as the days go on take note of any subtle changes that occur so we can discuss at your next visit.

Namaste in a big way!

Remote Sessions - Distance Healing

Distance Healing takes place in the comfort of your own home and facilitated by me in another location.

The session begins with a phone conversation to discuss your needs. We will chat about how you are feeling physically and energetically. We will note things that you wish to improve and focus the session on your intentions. The intuitive energy healing itself is done remotely.

We will chose a mutual time to begin and end so that you will be open to receive the energy that is being channeled for you. Healing will be channeled by an energetic link. Distance Healing is equally as effective as an in person session. It allows flexibility for people who might not want to travel or who have conditions that do not allow them to do so.  

Your distance healing session will conclude with a follow up call to talk about your experience.

Call to find out more.

Pet & Animal  Reiki Sessions are Also Available

Remote and in person sessions are available for animals. The sessions are similar to how the sessions are run for people, except for a few differences. Read more about reiki for animals here.

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