Vibe Clearing Set


Vibe Clearing Set


A personal clearing system for whenever your energy or your space feels heavy or stagnant.

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A personal clearing system. Use these three together as a lovely ritual to start your day. Or use them separately, whenever your energy or your space feels heavy or stagnant.

Contains a proprietary blend of pure essential oils, dried lavender flower, and a single shard of healing quartz crystal. 

Suggestions to implement your potions:

  • Step one: Use the CLEAR spray to remove negative or stagnant energy from your space. For example, walk around and mist the corners of your room. Take a moment to notice the freshness. You can even mist yourself.

  • Step two: Use the AURA oil to clear your own energy field. While sitting quietly anoint yourself. Roll some on your wrists, the top of your head, the soles of your feet. Place it anywhere it resonates for you.

  • Step three: Use the EARTH oil to ground yourself. Setting your stability for the day ahead. Roll a small amount in the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together and gently inhale the scent. The “earthyness” will immediately transport you to the forest. Leaving you grounded in nature.

    A Great Way to Start Your Day. Own Your Vibe. Enjoy!

  • **Not or consumption. Always perform skin test for irritation. If extreme irritation occurs discontinue use and consult your physician immediately.