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Energy healing

Intuitive Energy Healing is a collection of various alternative healing tools. Practitioners work with its gentle yet powerful life force energy to help remove blockages and imbalances in the body’s energetic system.


In Person (Office)

1st time in person session - 90 min.

Subsequent sessions - 60 min. 

Distance Healing (Phone)

1st time phone session - 75 min.

Regular phone session - 60 min.

In Person (Your Home)

Available for special circumstances, please inquire.

3 Session Package*

60 min.
$270 in person, $225 distance

* Must be redeemed in 3 consecutive months or less from time of purchase. 

** If you wish to convert a distance session to in person, it’s an extra $20 per session, depending upon availability.


Pet Reiki

Animals are super open to the healing energy of Reiki. Using Reiki with your pets can reduce their stress levels, aid in their own healing processes, and improve their overall wellbeing. Which means they’ll be around longer for you to love.


Distance Pet Reiki (Phone)

1st time phone session - 60 min.

Subsequent sessions - 45 min.

In Person (I Travel to You)

1st in person session - 60 min.

Subsequent sessions - 45 min. 

* Will only travel to the greater Portland metro area. Prices above include travel expenses.


Space Clearings

Have you ever entered a space and immediately felt “Ick!” for no obvious reason? Spaces are like people — they can also collect energetic gunk that that needs to be un-clogged. Space clearing your home or business allows you to remain energetically clear and balanced.

All space / house clearings are done in person.

30 min. Space / House Clearing:

60 min. Space / House Clearing:

** Rates vary depending on size of space, property or home and individual clearing needs fees will be consulted before clearing.


Wedding Officiant

I am a non-denominational officiant with the title of Reverend. I do not make judgements based on beliefs of race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other situations. I honor all couples who wish to celebrate their love for one another. I’m an equal opportunity officiant.

Wedding officiating services are:
$500 - $750
depending on your needs.