“Laughter is the best vibration.”


I have always been a Sensitive and Empath. I knew I was different at a very young age. I used to see and feel things that others could not and sometimes that “stuff,” was scary. Eventhough I was fascinated with the stories my grandpa told me of ghosts and angels, seeing ghosts was a different story. Especially when others could’nt them and I was told I was making it up.”

I have always had the ability to sense things that others might not be able to see or feel. 

I felt things very deeply on an emotional and physical level. I often experienced the feelings of others as if they were my own. When this happened, I was told I was being too dramatic.

No-one understood. If turbulence was going on around me I would feel it too. Amplified! And, it sucked! I felt anxious and often times insecure. I was not only a Sensitive but also an Empath. Tough stuff for a kid. I felt disconnected. Maybe you can relate?

I experienced trauma, abuse, and death all heightened before the age of ten and continued to do so thereafter.

As time went on and I got older I learned to adapt. I picked up many different coping skills. One of which was laughter. It helped me get through some very serious and difficult times. It always felt awesome to laugh. I was actually in my body. Laughter is the best vibration. It is pure energy medicine. My life and work today would suffer without it. I think it saved my life.

During those times and decades of experience and growth. I was inspired to explore many different healing modalities and felt the calling to learn them. I am grateful for my teachers who have taught me to trust myself and my intuition . They have shown me how to better navigate this world and ultimately led me to pursue this work that I love and am called to do.

It is my desire to inspire you to reconnect with yourself and your spirit.


Are you ready?