“Leave your responsibilities at the door.”


My space is a safe and welcoming place. I hold this space just for you.

You will be able relax, unwind and have a peaceful and present moment within yourself. (Need a blankie, a cup’o’tea, a sassy comeback? I got you covered.)


You will be free to clear your emotional mind while releasing the stress and tension of your physical body. You will be able to focus completely on you. You will be supported fully without judgement by me and by intuitive energy healing.

My sessions are 100% about you and I am here for you. In our sessions I’ll help you relax deeply so that you can let go of any negative or toxic energy that you've been holding onto.

This time will enable you to welcome in the pure and powerful source energy that will relieve your areas of concern.

I will use my intuitive tools to best suit your own individual needs and help you create a healthy energetic balance in your body. The object is for you to leave feeling revitalized, clear and able to participate more fully in your life. When your cup is full, you have more of yourself available to give the world. And bonusyou now might actually have a few f*&#s to give.

Intuitive Energy Healing supports the body’s natural ability to heal. Intuitive Energy Healing can Improve or relieve:

Anxiety, Stress, Inflammation, Chronic fatigue, Body aches, Residual pain from old injuries, Mind Chatter, Brain Fog, Mental or Physical Abuses among many other issues.

I am a very compassionate and trusting soul. Compassion and trust are what connects us to one another. They go hand in hand. I truly believe that you should always treat others the way you wish to be treated. I feel that you should surround yourself with people who lift you up and not drag you down because no one wants to go there.

My greatest focus has always been to just be happy.  Let the creative energy flow. Breathe, laugh and share the joy. It’s a matter of trust and that’s priceless. If I can help you get to your happy place, then I’m happy, too. Win-win!

Live on, Laugh on, Vibe on.


If it sounds like our vibe would match up, I'd love to work with you. Check out more about my practice or click below to see the various services I offer.