Are You a Sponge for Other People's Vibes?


Empaths and HSPs (Highly Sensitive People) walk in the world in a different way than those who are less in tune with this innate, human quality of empathic sensitivity. How you feel your sensitivity is likely to be very unique to you, but it’s very common for Empaths and HSPs to take on the energy and the emotional vibes of people around them.

It’s like being a walking sponge for other people’s energy, good or bad!

Even if you have a great toolbox for managing your life as an HSP, sometimes you just need someone to help you reset and clear out all the gunk so you can finally get some peace and hear your own clear voice and finally follow the guidance of your own heart.

  • If you’ve ever endured long periods of confusion, stagnation, and just wondering what you should do next…

  • If you’re struggling to navigate the needs of yourself in the midst of the needs of those around you, family, partners, children, friends…

  • If you feel like you are the victim of everyone else’s drama and somehow people seem to tune into when you are most vulnerable and hijack your time and attention away from your own needs…

  • If narcissistic and borderline personalities seem to have a knack for finding you and keeping you on the hook to steal your joy...

You probably need an energy tune-up.

It’s amazing what happens when we clear our energy field and find our way back to ourselves!

  • It becomes easier to make that decision that seemed impossible only days before.

  • You are able to navigate your own needs with greater ease and everyone else just magically flows more easily around you.

  • The drama eases up and the people around you start to get the healing they need for themselves instead of always “plugging in” to you to get their healing fix.

  • Those narcissists go away — or at least you find your center enough to be able to easily refuse their drama and abuse.

Because that’s often what happens. If you are empathic, you are on auto-dial for healing other people’s energy by being a conduit for their emotions, icky vibes, and issues. But your energy can’t really help them, and that’s why they need to keep getting their fix!

When you take the time to focus on your own energy healing, when you give yourself a break, people around you get something different — they get to experience a more healed, balanced you. They respond to your call to heal yourself by taking a bit more responsibility for themselves.

What you do by taking a break is not only helping you — it’s modeling a healthier energy self to others, too.

Does a little peace sound sweet right about now?