clearing the energy of your space

allows you to become clear and balanced.

Have you ever entered a space and immediately felt “Ick!” for no obvious reason? Spaces are like people — Physical spaces can collect energetic gunk that needs to be removed. Often times the solution is as simple as having the energy cleared. Energy clearings can be performed on you, your surrondings or even your situation.

Space clearing your home or business will leave you feeling energetically clear and balanced. The removal of stagnant or low vibrational energy is beneficial to your physical health and mental well being. A cleared space will lift the fog remove the heaviness and leave you with fresh positive energy that feels good.

Ideal Times for a Space Clearing:

  • Buying or renting a new home or business

  • Selling a home

  • When you are living or working in old buildings or property with a lot of history

  • There has been a lot of trauma, illness, death or even intense emotions or arguments in your space.

  • Your space feels heavy or uncomfortable, you feel uneasy entering or staying

  • A space where you might have unexplained mood shifts, fatigue, or other physical symptoms like pain

  • You have a space where your animal acts skittish or strange

  • You are ready to set some new kick ass intentions in your life and could use an energy boost

  • Clearing the build-up of electromagnetic pollution from wireless devices

  • Paranormal activity

Space clearings can be done using many methods. Liisa uses a number of different techniques. Some of which are Reiki, parasitic energy clearing smudging. Each situation may call for something a little different. No two clearings are ever the same.

Add Feng Shui services
to amp up your space clearing results!

Feng Shui is a system in Chinese thought that governs spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy in a specific space.

Feng Shui Helps:

  • Boost your health and energy

  • Enhance your relationships

  • Increase your wealth

  • Create more joy

  • Open up career opportunities

  • Bring in more clients/customers