Our Energy Healing sessions are a collection
of various alternative healing tools. 

We work with your body’s natural energetic flow to help you feel more relaxed, more balanced, and full of life.

We use intuition, visualization and the universal life force energy to locate, shift or remove imbalances in the body’s energetic system. We will help you become aware of the imbalance so you are able to recognize and work on releasing the stuck energy-removing your stress/pain.

Energy healing reinforces your body’s natural ability to heal — supporting your overall health and well being so you can be free of the muck and get on with your badass self!

Energy Healing is not massage. Practitioner’s may use a light, non-invasive hands on touch or no touch at all.

Remote treatments can also be performed via phone, so you can enjoy a session from the comfort of your home.

Energy Healing is not affiliated with any particular religion or religious practice. It’s not based on belief or suggestion. It’s simply a form of spiritually guided by intuition and life force energy. 

We also offer Couples Reiki Sessions: Reiki for couples is a powerful way to reconnect and deepen your relationship. It’s a relaxing time spent with your partner that facilitates harmony, communication, and stress reduction. Couples Reiki can help strengthen your relationship or re-kindle that spark.

Experiencing Reiki together can also help couples deal with trauma and grief. And, it’s wonderful for a couple preparing to get married-smoothing the path to the wedding day, reminding them of their love and commitment to each other in the hectic planning stage.

A Couples Reiki session is a beautiful gift to yourselves as an anniversary gift, a Valentine’s Day treat, or, just because you need a little pampering.


Liisa’s Offerings

Intuitive Energy Healing: This session is designed to leave you feeling lighter and at peace. Session Includes an Intuitive Energy Reading and clearing plus healing and parasitic energy removal.

Situational Clearings: For returning clients only. A targeted clearing of a situation you are struggling to navigate. Clears cords, contracts, and negative energy. Good for relationships of all types; primary, parental, family, workplace.

Reiki: Reiki is used for relaxation and stress reduction. It is a gentle focused energy that helps you tap into your own body, thus allowing you to release energy that no longer serves you. You will leave feeling lighter and more energized. Best. Nap. Ever.

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Amber’s Offerings

Seichim/Sekhem Reiki: Leaves you feeling relaxed and centered. Good for releasing trauma, insomnia, stress and pain. It is similar to other forms of Reiki but operates on a higher vibration and heals on a deeper level; focusing on the heart chakra.

Complete Healing: Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy and Foot Reflexology come together for a deep healing experience using crystals and aromatherapy. Helps with stress, headaches, chronic/acute pain, PMS and so much more!

Disclaimer:  Intuitive Energy Healing should not be used to replace conventional care or to postpone seeing a healthcare provider about a health problem. If you have severe or long-lasting symptoms, see your healthcare provider. You may have a health problem that needs prompt treatment.